RC Lens and Stade Brestois Knocked Out!

The Festival d’Armor’s second day unfolded with a flurry of surprises, yet amidst the unpredictability, one certainty remains so far: tomorrow, the U17 Challenge Crédit Agricole and the U15 Challenge Paysage d’Iroise will find new champions as the finals conclude.

Surprising Turn of Events: RC Lens and Stade Brestois, last year’s finalists, stumble and exit tournament. RC Lens failed to advance past the group stage, while Stade Brestois suffered a penalty shootout defeat against Senegal’s CFC (1-1, 3-2). CFC’s French coach, Cédric Colin, had every reason to celebrate this feat: “What fills me with pride is that, regardless of the stakes and adversity, my players remained faithful to our playing principles, the ones we teach them throughout the year.”The CFC academy, located in Dakar, is an extension of Stade Brestois, which scouts the finest talents in the country and prepares them for potential careers in Europe. In a sense, it was the student who triumphed over the teacher. “Defeating a team that ranks among France’s top eight is no small accomplishment,” points out Cédric Colin.

In the remaining games, SC Braga and FC Lorient secured their spots in the upcoming semi-finals scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The Portuguese team emerged victorious with a 1-0 score against Morocco’s Académie Mohammed VI, courtesy of a skillfully executed free-kick. On the other hand, FC Lorient faced off against SCO d’Angers and clinched a 2-1 victory, thanks to striker Issaka Chaaban’s impressive brace. The final quarter-final showdown featured KAS Eupen from Belgium and EA Guingamp, resulting in a goalless draw during regular time. However, En-Avant stole the spotlight as they triumphed in a thrilling penalty shoot-out, winning 4-3.

Patrick Derrien, overseeing the U17 team, shared his thoughts at the conclusion of the day: “It was quite unexpected to witness the elimination of Stade Brestois in the quarter-finals, considering their fantastic season. I’d like to take my hat off to the Senegalese, who we’re discovering this year, as they showcase both physicality and technical prowess on the field. Additionally, it is worth noting the remarkable turnaround of Braga, who struggled in the previous tournament but are now displaying top-notch performances.”

We also know now that the final will feature a foreign club competing against a local Breton club,” emphasized Loïc Le Ru, President of the Festival d’Armor.

In the U15 category, defending champions Stade Rennais were also brought to an abrupt halt, despite three clear wins in the group stage (against SC Frileuse, Basques de Hasparren and US Plougonvelin). But in the next group, the “Red and Blacks” were eliminated on goal difference. A special shout-out goes to the players representing Vendée Les Herbiers, Stade Lavallois, EA Saint Renan, and Stade Brestois for their outstanding performances in the group stage. Despite winning all their matches, they unfortunately fell short of advancing to the next round. The U15 quarter-finals are set to commence tomorrow morning at the Trémeur stadium in Plougonvelin.


U17 quarter-finals:

  • EA Guingamp-KAS Eupen: 0-0 (4-3 on penalties)
  • FC Lorient-SCO Angers: 2-1
  • Académie Mohammed VI-Sporting club de Braga: 0-1
  • Stade Brestois-Académie CFC Sénégal: 1-1 (3-2)

Semi-finals (tomorrow afternoon):

  • EA Guingamp-FC Lorient
  • SC Braga-Académie CFC

U15 quarter-finals (tomorrow morning):

  • FC Lorient-AC Boulogne Billancourt
  • Stade Lavallois-Stade Brestois
  • Haut-Léon FC-EA Guingamp
  • Vannes OC-AS Menimur