The Organizing Committee

  • President : Loïc LE RU
  • Financial manager: Robert BILLARDON
  • Administrative manager: Daniel CREN
  • Sports managers: Eric CORNOU, Stéphane DONNART, Patrick DERRIEN, Théo CARADEC, David GUEGUEN, 
  • Sponsorship and Partnerships manager: Yvon LAINÉ
  • Fair manager: Roger LAINÉ, Luc LAINÉ, Hugo PETTON
  • Communication managers: Eric BAUDELLE (Computer management & Sports results display), Pascal MONOT (website)
  • Housing and catering manager: Gaëlle AUGUSTE
  • Environment and safety manager Jean-Michel GÉLÉBART
  • Communication, transportation, and logistics manager: Michel QUÉMÉNEUR
  • Press manager: Maureen LE RU, Paul LECLERC et Yvon JONCOUR

To this team of managers, we must add the approximately 300 anonymous volunteers who also actively contribute, without counting, to the realization and success of this annual event.